Welcome to Shamrock Hedgehogs 

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                                      Shamrock Hedgehog Policies



Price is  $400 for babies or otherwise listed this price

includes 2 weeks supply of our food and a Snuggle-sack and

Care folder


Adults are $100 to $150 includes 2 week supply of food and care folder



We require a $52 ( $2 PayPal Fee ) non-refundable deposit to reserve your hedgehog. Your deposit will hold your baby to weaning age . If you are unable to pick up your baby weaning age .. Shamrock Hedgehogs is willing to hold your hedgehog as long as you are paid in full and arrangements are made

Once payments are received, they are non-refundable. We will email you to let you know when your deposit is received. Please only reserve a hedgehog if you are sure that it is the right choice for you.



Shamrock Hedgehogs accepts Venmo & Cash.

We do not accept Personal checks .


Delivery Policy and Rates:

Delivery will be done by us for a fee.

Within 10 miles of this location is free. Beyond that we charge for gas and tolls. This is all for the convenience of the new owner so you don't have to worry nor travel for your new hedgehog

the price is for gas and tolls both ways (up to 1 hour away) and has to be paid in advance thru venmo

Return policies

We at Shamrock Hedgehogs take pet ownership seriously and encourage you to think before you decide to purchase a hedgehog. If you are not sure if a hedgehog is a suitable pet for you and your family, please contact us. "HEDGEHOG ARE EXOTIC PETS PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH"

If you decide after you get your hedgehog that it is not the right pet for you please contact me and I will take it and re home it. Please don’t sell it! I don’t want them to end up in the wrong hands.

We don't do Refunds .. all sales are final



Shamrock hedgehogs guarantees that all our hedgehogs, to the best of our knowledge, are free from any health problems.
These guarantees do not include accident, negligence or any treatable (mites) or communicable illness and cancer

Purchaser is responsible for general health, safety, and veterinary costs of the hedgehog once s/he is no longer in the possession of Shamrock Hedgehogs

I also have a lifetime guarantee against WHS. I will replace your hedgehog if it dies from WHS. A vet necropsy is required to honor this guarantee.

Shamrock Hedgehogs is not responsible under any circumstances for any veterinary costs you may incur upon treating your hedgehog.


Since a hedgehog will not develop its true color until five months of age (after quilling when the hedgehog loses it’s baby quills and new quills fill in), we cannot guarantee the color of any hedgehog. We can, however, try to get you a certain color. We hope to have a variety of standards and colors.